Branding, Video Production, Project Management
Kymera, 2017
Pack+ — Identity & Introduction Video

Brand identity and introduction video production for Pack+ (Packplus) from Hong Kong, China. Pack+ is a brand under Brilliant Circle Holdings, it is a printing and packaging company based in Shenzhen, China. They primarily engage in the production, research and development of high-end packages and printed goods. The Group is ranked at the top among its peers in operating scale, research, technological innovation and profit per capita.

The brand identity was created based on the ideas of the innovative technology that they created and the fact that they are using it in their packages and products, and the initial of the name. I decided to used cyan with lighter grey tone to bring out the innovative and technology impression.

The introduction video is a gateway to let the potential clients know about Pack+ and its new packaging technology. Besides the information graphics, it is more comprehensive to include the printing factory itself in the video. Me and my team went to the factory in Shenzhen to do part of the video shooting, and recorded the voice over in Hong Kong. It was a great experience working with different parties.

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