Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Kymera, 2023
Mother Pearl Teaology: Amazake — Art Direction

Mother Pearl ‘Teaology’ introduces a set of special drinks every season. This season it’s centred around the delightful theme of Amazake. The art direction aimed to blend the rich cultural heritage of Japanese and Chinese traditions, encapsulating the essence of autumn through Mother Pearl’s creative beverages.

Amasake, renowned for its health and skin-enhancing properties, is a testament to the beauty traditions of Japan and China. Inspired by both countries, the concept of natural beauty tradition and the allure of autumn, to visually convey this connection to tradition and nature, we explored and employed the warmth texture and brush of Japanese and Chinese watercolour techniques in our design to embody the harmonious blend of tradition, health, and the vibrant beauty of autumn, inviting our customers to experience visual and sensory delight as they indulge in our amasake-based autumn beverage.

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