Editorial Design, Illustration, Risograph (4 colours)
Dear it's Friday, 2022
What is life? — Riso Illustration Book

Whether you have your life together or not, I’d bet you might have asked this at some point. Have you found your answer yet? I’m always trying to create a sense of empathy in my work, using illustration to transform our shared experiences of life's negativity and difficulty into humorous, light-hearted work that provides comfort in its commiseration. So, instead of giving you an answer, my project invites you to tag along on a wholesome journey — a journey not just with me, but featuring visits from others and the cute little moments in all of us.

Well, I still haven't figured life out after drawing this book. But that’s ok. My work is never about the answer. It's more about the people, the feelings, and the connection. While the world is definitely chaotic, my silly humour illustrations are like a gentle touch on your heart or a little soothing snack that you might munch on your life journey. Whether or not you are wondering what life should be, there's no harm in giving it a go and joining a wholesome adventure. Let's find out what life is, together. :)

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